BAGMODO™ 2.0 - Your Custom Logo

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BAGMODO™ 2.0 - Your Custom Logo

This solution-based safety product is custom designed with your company logo and it is manufactured 100% in the USA.   Great safety give away to your clients and keeping your brand name in front of them every time they hang:

Grocery Bags ○ Purse ○ Backpack ○ Laptop Bag ○ Equipment Bag

The components are made from high strength nylon and the cord is rated at over 100 lbs. of weight load.

The two nylon pieces are known as BAGMODO 2.0 and MODOSTOP™ combined,

You can see sample mock-ups of our client CSS a casino supplies company.


Step One: Send us your logo file.  We have a $125 one-time setup charge for each logo.

Step Two:  We send you a mock-up file for approval with your logo on the MODOSTOP.

Step Three: We make two finished products with your choice of color combinations we agree to make.  In the packaging and shipped to you.

Step Four: We manufacture 20 Finished Products in the color combinations and quantities equaling 20 - BAGMODO™ 2.0 Units and ship to you for the cost of $400.

NOTE: The process is very easy and runs smooth.  We don't have a refund policy once you accept  to go to the manufacturing step.