BAGMODO® 2.0 Edition


This solution based product is custom designed and manufactured 100% in the USA.

The two nylon pieces are known as BAGMODO® 2.0 and MODOSTOP™ combined, provide a secure safety product to protect most types of bags from flying forward onto the floor in most vehicles. 

BAGMODO® 2.0 is recommended for 1 to 5 plastic grocery bags or 1 bag of any other type that fits securely onto the BAGMODO®, not to exceed 15 lbs USA.

Recommended Bags

Grocery Bags ○ Purse ○ Backpack ○ Laptop Bag ○ Equipment Bag


Note: Not All Bags will fit in BAGMODO® 2.0, the handle(s) should reasonably fit in and not be forced in.

BAGMODO® 2.0 is designed to fit across the two standard Headrest Support posts on Front Passenger Seat. BAGMODO® 2.0 will work on Rear Seat Headrests and support posts.