BAGMODO® 2.0 Air Force Blue

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BAGMODO® 2.0 Air Force Blue Edition - 1 Pack

This solution-based product is custom designed and manufactured 100% in the USA. 

The components are made from high strength nylon and the the shock cord is USA Made, with a solid weight rating for it's intended use.

The two nylon pieces are known as BAGMODO® 2.0, the hook component and MODOSTOP™, the connector component. Combined they provide a secure safety product to protect most types of bags from flying forward onto the floor.  All Bag Handles are Not supported.  

BAGMODO® 2.0 is recommended for 1 to 5 plastic grocery bags or 1 bag of any other type that fits 1 Handle Securely onto the BAGMODO® Hook, not to exceed 15lbs USA. 

Recommended Bags

Grocery Bags ○ Purse ○ Backpack ○ Laptop Bag ○ Equipment Bag

Grocery Bags -1 to 5 Max

Purses -1 Handle Primarily Round and 1/2" Diameter or Less

Backpack - Loop or Soft Handle

Laptop Bag -1 Handle 1/2" Diameter or Less

Equipment Bag -1 Handle 1/2" Diameter or Less

NOTE: Not All Personal Bags will fit in BAGMODO® 2.0, the handle(s) should reasonably fit in and not be forced in. Rigid Flat Strap Handles on Purses and Backpacks need to be inserted vertically and Angled Backward, Not Forward. 


BAGMODO® 2.0 is designed to fit across the two standard Headrest Support posts on Front Passenger Seat. BAGMODO™ 2.0  will work on Rear Seat Headrests and support posts and in some cases not taught, but will still perform.

The installation of BAGMODO® 2.0

BAGMODO® 2.0 can be installed by stretching it over the top of the Headrest and rolling it on (DO NOT FORCE IT OVER THE HEADREST) or unclipping the Headrest support posts and sliding on BAGMODO® 2.0 over the Headrest support posts and re-installing the Headrest.